Monday Review: You Are Special- Max Lucado

(Please be aware,this is a Christian book made by a Christian author,so this review will have religious aspects to it)

This is a wonderful story for both children and adults.

It teaches that we are all different sizes and shapes, that God made us exactly how he wanted us to be and what others think is less important than what you and God think of yourself.

The books starts by telling us about the wooden people,called Wimmicks,who are all made by the woodcarver named Eli.

All the Wimmicks are different,from being tall to large noses!

Everyday the Wimmecks gave out stickers. Star stickers for the pretty, smooth wood,talented Winmicks. Dot stickers for the rough wood,paint chipped,not so talented Wimmicks.

One of these Wimmicks was called Punchinello. He always got dots,no matter what he did, sometimes for no reason at all!

Punchinello eventually began to feel like he deserved the dots, until he met Lucia. Lucia had no stickers at all! No matter how hard the Wimmicks tried,their stickers would not stick to Lucia.

Punchinello wanted to be stickerless too, so Lucia told him to go see Eli the woodcarver.Eli was overjoyed to see Punchinello visit him! Punchinello apologized for having so many dots strewed about him, but Eli didn’t care what the other Wimmicks thought, he thought Punchinello was very special,because he made him.

Punchinello was surprised at that,he wasn’t talented or smooth paint like the other Wimmicks. Punchinello asked about Lucia and why the stickers never stayed on. Eli explained that because Lucia cares more about what he thinks about her is important than what others think,the stickers fall off.

Punchinello left Eli’s workshop and began to believe that perhaps Eli was right…and a dot fell off!

I think it’s a great book for children,especially when you’re trying to figure out who they are. Kids can be cruel and make fun of others. This teaches them that they are unique and that it shouldn’t matter what others think. You were created by God and God doesn’t make mistakes.

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