Monday Review:Storm Front-Jim Butcher (Dresden Files Book One)

(WARNING:This is a very adult book/series with adult themes,therefore I will recommend it to the 18+ community)

This is the first book in the wizard detective series ‘The Dresden Files’.

I got interested in this book when my husband listened to the audiobooks and I caught a couple snippets of it, it sounded good, so I bought the first three books in the series,and I have really liked them so far (Thank you sweetheart).

The first book is full of magic,murder,the supernatural,a missing persons case,thugs,an intelligent but perverse talking skull,the element of surprise and much more!

The ending of book one will make you want to read the next book or at least that’s what happened to me!

Comment below if you have read it and have any thoughts or if this sounded like a book you would be interested in reading!

Storm Front – Jim Butcher

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