Bookish Wednesday: Library Ideas

I found these photos on Pinterest (credit to original owners,none of these are mine or in my home) for ideas for my home library. Below each photo I will explain what part(s) I like.

I like the idea of straight, built-in,floor to ceiling wall shelving,across more than one wall, that way I’m not hindered by “blockage” and have to arrange by series or genre in order to fit them.

I definitely wouldn’t mind adding some fairy lights to the shelves either, they are very pretty and don’t emit bright lights. They would also make for very pretty photos!

I’ve always wanted a reading nook too! Somewhere comfy to read,that isn’t the bed. There would be a secondary light next to it if I’m reading at night and don’t have the natural light from outside.

Finally, I would love a rolling ladder,like in Beauty and the Beast because I’m short and wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelves.

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