Free-post Friday:Top 10 Favorite PC Games

Under each picture I will describe why they are my favorite.


This was one of the first pc games I ever played. My parents and i would play this together! I loved all the games and expansions they came out with for the first game(as shown). The back picture with characters from right to left is Prophecies,Factions,and Nightfall. The small front picture is the Prophecies expansion called Eye of the North.


My husband got me into playing it, not long after we got married. It’s really fun and I’ve met a few of my friends there! I enjoy the crafting you can do, the special events, the guilds, and the character designs!


A friend of mine got it for me and it’s super cool! If you like the final fantasy games,cute/chibi things,good stories and adventures, then this is the game for you!


I played a free weekend once and got hooked! I even got my husband to play too! It’s really fun to level up,play in special events,achieve new skins/outfits for your characters and try to win the matches!


This is another game my husband got me into. If the name sounds familiar then it’s because it used to be a monthly paid game, but now it’s free unless you want special perks. I like testing out new characters,playing new missions and special events!


This was the first Diablo game I ever played! My parents and i would play this a lot! I loved playing my sorceress,exploring new areas,defeating the evil that lurks,and the encounters with Deckard Cain (a very funny and wise character)


This was a cute game, I originally played it on Xbox and it was beautiful,wonderful voice overs,scenery and the story were exceptionally done! Then I played it on PC while waiting (still waiting) for it to be backwards compatible on the Xbox One.


Since I’m mainly a console player, I first played it on the Xbox, then tried it on the PC and I tried using mods on it….wow! So many cool and funny mods!


Simply said, my love for Lord of the Rings and my husband got me into playing it too!


This is another good game my parent’s and I would play together! Lots of quests,adventuring,and fun!

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  1. Great list of games. I use to play Lord of the Rings (aka LOTRO). I played on windfola for 5 years till Standing Stone Games (aka Turbine) consolidated the servers. My partner and I ended up on Archenstone server for a year till we switched to Ever quest2. Also heard about Guildwars & Diablo.

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