Free-Post Friday: Top 10 Favorite Phone Games

Under each game I will explain why I like them.

Please note, I have an Android, so some of these games may not be available for Apple phones.

(My love for Final Fantasy makes this obvious. You go on adventures with your favorite characters and their respective games and enviroments.)

(The Fallout games are some of my favorite games to play. When they came out with a game to make your own Vault, of course, I had to play!)

(I have always loved ‘dress up’ games for as long as I can remember, this game has that and more! I love the story, the rewards, and other fun goodies it has)

(Along with books,video games and anime, I am also a fan of coloring. This game has lots of cool pictures to choose from and you can even import your own pictures to ‘pixel-fy’!)

(You design your own Wonderland and meet the characters. You go on quests and mini games!)

(I love this game,Disney and emojis are a good combination!)

(I also love hidden pictures games, so that plus Alice in Wonderland is really cool!)

(Augmented Reality Pokemon! It’s really cool to see certain Pokemons in different habitats,and really cool when you can catch the ones you don’t have yet!)

(Disney and matching game! What’s not to love?!)

(I love playing Solitare in my down time! There is many different kinds to choose from, Classic,Spider,Pyramid,Free-Cell,and Tri-peak! Daily challenges await and you get rewards as well)

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