Monday Review:Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon-Naoko Takeuchi (Book One)

This is my favorite manga and anime of all time! I’m a big fan, seriously, I have a lot of merchandise and I plan on having more!

Sailor Moon is about 14 year old Usagi Tsukino.

Usagi is always late to school, a bit of a cry baby but loves her friends wholeheartedly.

Usagi meets a talking cat,Luna, who says that she, Usagi, is a Guardian of Justice and must find the other Guardians and the Moon Princess!

As a Guardian, Usagi has been given magical powers and can transform into Sailor Moon to defeat the evil that consumes her newly-found world.

Will Usagi find her Allies?

Can she defeat the enemy?

Will the Princess reveal herself?

Read to find out!

Sailor Moon (Vol 1) – Naoko Takeuchi

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