Free-post Friday:Answering Questions

Q: What happened to everyone that disappeared after Thanos’ snap?

A: I’m not caught up on Marvel yet, so I have no idea

Q: Have you heard of/read the Sword of Truth series or Wheel of Time series?

A:Heard of Wheel of Time, my husband listens to the audiobooks. Never heard of Sword of Truth books.

Q: Have you heard of the Night Angel Trilogy? If so, what’s your opinion of it?

A: No, I have not heard of it

Monday Review:Where the Wild Things Are- Maurice Sendak

This is my favorite childhood book,followed closely by Fox in Socks. When I was in Kindergarten I was in a play for the book (the part of a Wild Thing, of course)!

My photo includes bookmarks of Max and a Wild Thing, that I got from Owlcrate!

The book follows a boy, Max, who gets in trouble, as do most children, as is sent to his room! His room changes into another world where the Wild Things live! Will he think about what he did, while being away in a distant land? How will he get home? Will the Wild Things eat him up, they love him so?

I liked the book because the pictures are beautiful and I loved the way my mom and teacher’s read it to me (and acting it out in school)!

As a child, I felt the book was a bit suspenseful, as you knew knew what was going to happen next!

Let’s let the wild rumpus start, and enjoy the nostalgia of our childhood!

Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

Free-Post Friday: Birthday Stuff

These are just a few of things I got for my birthday

(We went to the zoo)

(Got these awesome Mass Effect comic books from a friend)

(More NoneLikeJoshua merch from the man himself (Patreon Perks too))

(Second book in a book series another favorite Youtuber of mine has been writing)

(Kingdom hearts games to get pumped for the new game coming out next year (used to have 1 and 2 but they no longer work))

(Lots of Sailor Moon merchandise!)

Monday Review:Vampire Kisses-Ellen Schreiber (Book One)

This book contains the first 3 books in the ‘Vampire Kisses’ series, and the only ones I’ve read thus far.

Vampire Kisses stars Raven, a goth girl living in Dullsville, who’s only dream is to be a vampire.

One particular day, a family moves into the neighborhood, the towns haunted mansion to be precise, and are rumored to be vampires, which sparks Raven’s interest.

Will the new residents befriend Raven?

Are they in fact vampires?

If so, will Raven’s lifelong dream become a reality?

Only by reading this book can you know for sure!

Vampire Kisses (Vol 1) – Ellen Shreiber

Free-post Friday: Top 10 People I Like To Watch On YouTube

1. None Like Joshua- He is an amazing rapper especially if you like video games and anime! He also streams playing video games too!

2. Hania Zdunek- I’ve been a big fan of her music since NewGrounds and she’s become a wonderful friend.

3. Connie Glynn (formerly Noodlerella)- she does singing,Disney lover and cute things vlogger as well as an author

4. Gopher- He started out doing videos on his Skyrim Mods and has since done other Let’s Plays. My husband got me into his videos and we’ll watch him together.

5. Lindsey Stirling- I’ve been a fan of her violin-dancing for a long time and I’m always impressed with every song/video that she releases

6. D-Piddy- He is most known for his Deadpool cosplay at conventions but he also does other characters and it’s very hilarious

7.Jacksepticeye- He is another gamer I watch,known for his screaming,his Irish accent and “dark side” Antisepiceye

8. Markiplier-I found Markiplier through Jacksepticeye. Markiplier is also a gamer known for his screaming and “dark side” Darkiplier

9. Jimmy Fallon- I’ve been a fan of him since his roles on Saturday Night Live and love watching his Late Night shows.

10. Thomas Sanders-I found him through Vine and continue to watch his wide variety videos.

Monday Review: The Rainbow Fish-Marcus Pfister

This story is about a beautiful Rainbow Fish who is quite selfish and doesn’t share and because of that he can’t make friends very well.

Will he get a lesson in selflessness?

Can he learn to share?

Can he right his wrongs and make friends?

I loved this book as a child and I’ve been reading it to my children too and the bright beautiful pages help to grasp their attention!

Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister