Free-post Friday: Top 10 People I Like To Watch On YouTube

1. None Like Joshua- He is an amazing rapper especially if you like video games and anime! He also streams playing video games too!

2. Hania Zdunek- I’ve been a big fan of her music since NewGrounds and she’s become a wonderful friend.

3. Connie Glynn (formerly Noodlerella)- she does singing,Disney lover and cute things vlogger as well as an author

4. Gopher- He started out doing videos on his Skyrim Mods and has since done other Let’s Plays. My husband got me into his videos and we’ll watch him together.

5. Lindsey Stirling- I’ve been a fan of her violin-dancing for a long time and I’m always impressed with every song/video that she releases

6. D-Piddy- He is most known for his Deadpool cosplay at conventions but he also does other characters and it’s very hilarious

7.Jacksepticeye- He is another gamer I watch,known for his screaming,his Irish accent and “dark side” Antisepiceye

8. Markiplier-I found Markiplier through Jacksepticeye. Markiplier is also a gamer known for his screaming and “dark side” Darkiplier

9. Jimmy Fallon- I’ve been a fan of him since his roles on Saturday Night Live and love watching his Late Night shows.

10. Thomas Sanders-I found him through Vine and continue to watch his wide variety videos.

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