Monday Review: The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games Trilogy Book 1)

I really liked this series!

I liked how the dystopian world changed how the government worked and what the people had to do in order to survive.

I also liked the movie adaptations, the same parts that made me cry while reading also made me cry while watching the movies!

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Monday Review:Eragon-Christopher Paolini (Inheritance Cycle Book 1)

Eragon follows the story of a farmer boy who finds a dragon egg that was hidden away from an evil sorcerer.

The boy is trained by an old dragon rider to be one with his newfound dragon.

An elven princess also helps guide the farmer boy to defeat the evil that has corrupted the land and kingdom.

Will the farmer boy and his companions defeat the sorcerer and his minions or will the kingdom fall?

Eragon – Christopher Paolini

Bookish Wednesday: Gilmore Girl Items

I’m sharing my Gilmore Girl things on a Wednesday instead of Friday because books were heavily mentioned in the series (mainly because of Rory Gilmore, who is as much of a book lover as I am…possibly more so).

So without further ado; here is my Gilmore Girl’s cookbook (cant wait for the next one releasing next month!), bookmarks containing quotes, notable places and signs, and my coffee cup with a quote from Lorelai Gilmore!

I plan on getting more merchandise in the future so stay tuned for that (might be next year, but still!)

Monday Review: Alphabeast Soup- Andy Hopp

This book was written by a local author! The book is very well done and a fun twist of the alphabet!

My children love the pictures and rhyming flow of this story!

Alphabeast Soup follows the story of a wizard that comes to the aid of his King who has tummy troubles from eating everything!

The King promises his throne to the wizard if he can cured, so the wizard tries many things and finally comes up with Alphabeast Soup.

The wizard sends his minions to retrieve all the ingredients from the beasts of the kingdom, such as the flakes from a Kolob’s head!

What will happen next?!

Did the minions collect the ingredients?

Will the soup cure the King’s affliction?

Will the King stay true to his word?

Read this fantastic book to find out!