Bookish Wednesday: Bookish Mug, Book Dragon – MoonwakeDesignsCo (on Etsy)

I love this mug! I will definitely be buying it in the future to read all the books with!

Do you have a bookish mug?

What favorite mugs do you use, if not?

I personally don’t have a bookish mug yet, but I currently use a Lindsey Stirling, Gilmore Girls and Star Wars mugs (used to have a Mass Effect one but it broke)!

Monday Review: Falling Up – Shel Silverstein

I enjoy all of Mr. Silverstein’s poems and drawings. If you don’t remember, I did his “Where The Sidewalk Ends” a while ago, so I figured I’d do “Falling Up” and possibly do “Light In The Attic” in a few weeks.

Most of these poems in “Falling Up” revolves around children and/or adults trying to cooperate with each other. However as in all of stories, they are hilariously brilliant, regardless of what theme.

My favorite would have to be “Carrots”

What’s yours?

Falling up – Shel Silverstein

Bookish Wednesday: Winter Reading

Hope everyone has been safe throughout this winter storm (if you’ve been hit)! I also hope everyone is safe regardless of the storm 🙂

Do you like to drink warm beverages while you read? I mainly drink coffee, but occasionally I’ll have hot cocoa,hot apple cider or tea!

I also like to read in comfy/lounge clothes, not just “pajamas”, and with a blanket!

Monday Review: The Tale of Peter Rabbit – Beatrix Potter

I enjoyed all of these stories growing up, but today is about Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit is a very mischievous little bunny! He likes to disobey his mother, get his siblings into trouble, and dirty his new outfits.

On this particular day, he has disobeyed his mother and is strolling through Mr. McGregor’s garden, and starts to eat his crops.

Mr. McGregor is a human and does not like pests, such as rabbits! When he sees a pesky Peter Rabbit he chases him and tries to trap him!

Will Peter Rabbit escape or will Mr. McGregor succeed in trapping him?

Will Peter Rabbit ever see his family again?

Beatrix Potter Complete Tales

Bookish Wednesday:Bookish “This or That” Tag (From

Audiobook OR Text book?

Text book for sure. Audiobooks are really distracting for me!

Paperback OR Hardback?

Both! Hardbacks are easier for me to hold and are fun to peek around the dust jackets to if there are any “hidden gems” or differences. Paperbacks are usually cheaper.

Fiction OR Non-fiction?

I tend to gravitate towards fiction, however there are a few non-fiction that I enjoy.

Bookshop OR Online?

Both! I love book stores to be surrounded by books, to feel them, to fo the whole “get to know you” bit. Online is cheaper and you don’t have to deal with crowds.

Standalone OR Trilogy?

I enjoy both, but trilogies are nice as you get to stay with characters for a longer period of time.

Heavy & Long OR Short & Sweet?

Heavy and Long! I love detail and extravagance that Short and Sweet doesn’t usually have.

Reading somewhere Cozy OR in the Sun?

Cozy, hands down! I love to be wrapped in one of my blankets and my coffee within arms reach.

Hot Chocolate OR Coffee?

I’m a coffee drinker but I also enjoy hot chocolate, depends in my mood I suppose

I Tag

Anyone who so chooses!

Monday Review: Dracula-Bram Stoker

I finally get to do a review on my favorite book! It only took me this long as my original copy’s cover was badly destroyed, so I wound up getting a new copy!

I love to read/watch things about vampires (Twilight was not the best, sorry). So to read the original story of how it all began, was amazing!

The story begins with Jonathan Harker, a solicitor who is staying with Count Dracula, the noble in Transylvania, before going to London to buy land for the Count.

Harker does some digging around the castle and finds out Dracula is a vampire! He is trapped as the Count’s prisoner as Dracula takes a boat to London, which eventually crashes!

Mina Murray, Harkers’ fiancĂ©e, and her friend Lucy Westenra spend some time together, until Lucy falls ill, with red marks at her throat. Mina, Dr. Seward, and Lucy’s fiancĂ©e Arthur try to figure out the cause of her illness. When no cause can be found, Dr. Seward calls upon his colleague, Professor Van Helsing.

Mina is called to Harker’s side, having been found with brain fever, and come back having been wed!

Mina, Jonathan, Van Helsing, and few others go on the search for Dracula and to dispose of him!

Will they be successful?

Did Lucy survive her illness?

Who is your favorite character?

Dracula – Bram Stoker

Free-post Friday: Legend of Dragoon

This is one of my favorite games for the PlayStation!

I love all the characters, the gorgeous scenery, the beautiful soundtrack, and wonderful storyline!

My favorite character would have to be Rose, the black and red girl on the right side (of the picture). I love how caring she can be on top of her cold-like serious nature. Her backstory, told later in the game, makes it easier to understand why she is untrusting of some of the characters when she first meets them.

Have you played this game?

Who was your favorite character?