Monday Review: Walt Disney’s Peter Pan – Todd Strasser, José Cardona and Fred Marvin

I have had this book for a very long time, since I was a child. My parent’s got this Disney Store Edition for me when it was still around, probably around the time the VHS came out with special edition Lithographs (which I also have)!

Peter Pan is about a boy, Peter, who never grows old because he lives in a magical place called Never Land. One night his shadow leaves and Peter tracks it to the Darling’s in London.

Wendy Darling the oldest of the three siblings, sews Peter’s shadow back on and in return, he takes her and her two brothers;John and Micheal, to Neverland through the means of flying.

In order to fly, they must have faith, trust and Pixie Dust from Peter’s companion, Tinker Bell. Once they get the hang of flying, off they go!

How does one get to Neverland you might ask, aside from flying? Well, you simply take the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning!

When they arrive they meet many people, from The Lost Boys and mermaids, to the Natives and pirates!

One of the Pirate’s is Captain Hook, who will do anything in his power to destroy Peter! But the Captain must be wary, his worst fear, the ticking crocodile is never far behind!

What will happen to the Darlings?

Will they go back home or stay in Never Land?

Will Captain Hook defeat Peter?

Peter Pan

Monday Review: Miriya and Marie – Maya (A Disney Manga)

This is a super cute manga, about a girl, Miriya, who travels to 1910’s Paris, with Marie (Yes, that’s right, from The Aristocats!!), to become a witch! Miriya meets a warlock, Leon, and his cat, Blackey to help her train!

Miriya comes across different people and animals, who then helps them by calling upon her newly received witchy powers!

Miriya finds out out that her parent’s, who are gone for lengths at a time, are actually a witch and warlock!

Will Miriya become a full-fledged witch?

Will she want to go back home to the future?

Miriya and Marie – Maya

Free-Post Friday: Post-Valentine’s Day Gift – Kingdom Hearts 3

I’m so excited to play this!

My husband got this for me for Valentine’s Day, and I’m a fan of the other games in the series (played 1,2, and currently trying to beat the DS games).

I gave my husband the new game Metro:Exodus as he really loved the other games in the series!

If you celebrated, what did you receive and/or gifted?

If you did not celebrate, ate you looking forward to the discounted candies?

Monday Review: Of Fire And Stars – Audrey Coulthurst

(Some material not suited for younger readers; contains language, brief sexual themes and falling in love with same gender)

Magic. Those Who Would Wish To Destroy It. Arranged Marriage. Murder. Death. Forbidden Love.

Princess Dennaleia of Havemont has been betrothed to Prince Thandilimon of Mynaria since her childhood. Denna also has an affinity for fire magic, something that should be hidden away as there are people who would hurt and/kill those with magic.

The months before Denna’s marriage, she is sent to her new country to learn it’s ways and prepare for her role as Queen.

Denna begins to learn how to ride horses as part of her “training”, from the Princess Amaranthine, who doesn’t wish to take on the role of “Princess” or any rush to be married off, like her brother, and prefers to be called Mare.

A murder happens and everyone assumes the “sin full” magic users of the city are at fault. However Denna and Mare investigate to figure out the real cause and begin to have feelings for each other.

Denna’s magic has also been out of control since she arrived at Mynaria but knows she isn’t the one causing havoc, so who is?

Are these feelings between Mare and Denna just a fling or something real?

Will Denna be able to conceal her magic or be found out?

Who caused the murders? Someone from the city or someone within the castle Court?

Will the rivaling countries come to an agreement or is war the only option?

Of Fire and Stars – Audrey Coulthurst

Free-post Friday: Pokemon Eeveelutions – Leonie X. Li

My favorite pokemon/s are the Eevee evolutions… or eeveelutions as they are called.

My favorite eeveelution however is Espeon (the purple one in the picture).


If you are unfamiliar with the eeveelutions here’s a little reference:

Brown in middle=Eevee


Green tail=Leafeon

Ice blue=Glaceon

Mermaid tail=Vaporeon






Which one do you like?

What’s your favorite pokemon?