Monday Review: Of Fire And Stars – Audrey Coulthurst

(Some material not suited for younger readers; contains language, brief sexual themes and falling in love with same gender)

Magic. Those Who Would Wish To Destroy It. Arranged Marriage. Murder. Death. Forbidden Love.

Princess Dennaleia of Havemont has been betrothed to Prince Thandilimon of Mynaria since her childhood. Denna also has an affinity for fire magic, something that should be hidden away as there are people who would hurt and/kill those with magic.

The months before Denna’s marriage, she is sent to her new country to learn it’s ways and prepare for her role as Queen.

Denna begins to learn how to ride horses as part of her “training”, from the Princess Amaranthine, who doesn’t wish to take on the role of “Princess” or any rush to be married off, like her brother, and prefers to be called Mare.

A murder happens and everyone assumes the “sin full” magic users of the city are at fault. However Denna and Mare investigate to figure out the real cause and begin to have feelings for each other.

Denna’s magic has also been out of control since she arrived at Mynaria but knows she isn’t the one causing havoc, so who is?

Are these feelings between Mare and Denna just a fling or something real?

Will Denna be able to conceal her magic or be found out?

Who caused the murders? Someone from the city or someone within the castle Court?

Will the rivaling countries come to an agreement or is war the only option?

Of Fire and Stars – Audrey Coulthurst

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