Free-post Friday- International Mermaid Day, March 29 2019, Tributes

Obviously I had to recognize the Disney mermaids from Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid trilogy!

I adore them all, yes,even the rude ones in Peter Pan, but especially Melody (Little Mermaid 2) and Queen Athena (Little Mermaid prequel)!

My second tribute goes out to MermaidTrinity (who happens to be my mom)!

She is a N.E. Ohio mermaid entertainer, who usually travels with the local pirate crew (Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass, linked below). She is able to warm up children who may be a bit shy and make a ‘splash’ in their day, even for the adults!

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram!

MermaidTrinity’s Website

MermaidTrinity’s Facebook

MermaidTrinity’s Instagram

Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass links

PotRC Website

PotRC Facebook

PotRC Instagram

Bookish Wednesday: Book Haul #1

Before I begin, if you’d like book hauls to be a regular thing, let me know down below!

1. Daughter of the Siren Queen – Tricia Levenseller.

I got this book as I really the first book (Daughter of the Pirate King), and I can’t read part of series and NOT finish it!

2. The Last Wish; Introducing The Witcher – Andrzej Sapkowski

I got this book because I’m a gamer and I like to read the books that inspires different video games. I have started the Witcher 1 game, and so far I like it, my dad has played the series and he really likes it, so that inspired me to start to play it.

3. Spark Joy – Marie Kondo

I decided to get this book as I already had her ‘The Life-changing Magic of tidying up’ book, but since I’m a visual learner, I thought the illustrated version would help (and it did). I have found that this KonMari method (for the majority of the things) really works for me!

4. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Mackenzie Lee

Yes, I realize I’m not a gentleman, but this book was previously an Owlcrate book that I had missed out on, but I heard it was a very superb book!

5. The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy – Mackenzie Lee

As I stated above, I can’t start a series and not finish it, so naturally I got the second book in this series. The words Piracy really stood out for me, so I think it will be really interesting!

6. Tokidoki Unicorno book clips

I got these because I can never have too many bookmarks , but look at how cute they are!!

Monday Review: Because I Love You – Max Lucado

(This book is Christian oriented but a good book for all)

The story begins with Shaddai, the village elder, whom the children adore and every living creature stops when Shaddai sings.

One day, Shaddai built a stone wall around the village to protect the children from the dangers of the word beyond, because he loves the children so much! He knew that the children would leave regardless and he prepared himself for that time.

A very curious young boy, Paladin, went walking and noticed a hole in the wall and ran to Shaddai to tell him. Shaddai warned Paladin of the dangers and that if he left, he would not find his way back.

Paladin decided he would just peek in the forest, so he crawled through the hole , telling himself he’d just look, but he kept crawling through. Once he was out, he thought everything was so nice and decided to take a stroll.

Paladin realized things started get dark and threatening, he was getting scared. He tried everything to get up the wall, because the hole he crawled through disappeared!

“Shaddai!!” Paladin cried…

Will Shaddai hear Paladins pleas?

Will Paladin see his village again?

Because I Love You – Max Lucado

Monday Review: Tinker Bell Two Magical Tales – The Trouble With Tink (Book One) – Kiki Thorpe

Before Tinker Bell had her adventures with Peter Pan, she was born from a babies first laugh and lived in Pixie Hollow, the heart of Neverland!

After Peter Pan had brought Wendy Darling to Never Land, Tink and Peter weren’t speaking to each other. This story is about the period of time, that they were apart.

This story starts off with Tink, trying to fix a pot for her friend. She gets distracted and loses her tinkering tool! She tries to find it and to no avail. So she improvised a new tool but the pit gets too battered for her friend (poor Tink!).

She tries to use other tools but they don’t seem to work, and the other faeries (pixies) are getting concerned that Tink has lost her talent!

Tinker Bell goes on an adventure to seek out her hammer, the only hammer that will fix what she’s given.

Will she find it or will she have to leave Pixie Hollow forever?

Will her talent come back or will she be a laughingstock?

Tinker Bell: Two Magical Tales – Kiki Thorpe

Free-Post Friday- Secret World Legends (Video Game)

I would not recommend this game to younger audiences as there is language and sexual themes.

I enjoy playing this PC game! The music when you load in is beautiful too!

This a free version to another game you may have heard of called ‘The Secret World’. This Secret World is filled with all kinds of problems, from the Illuminati, zombies, other horrid creatures, cults and other secrets that are hiding.

In your first big area for questing, called Kingsmouth (have not made it to other areas yet), you come across a town that is covered with zombies!

In Kingsmouth there are places and road streets with horror movie or horror writer references (see below)

If you have played it, let me know if you enjoyed it!

Bookish Wednesday: Mermaids and Books – Floating Libraries -Selenographics on Tumblr

I love this so much!

What could be better than mermaids reading? Why, finding out the way they get new books and how they take care of them!

It’s a very lovely re-telling of what we know of mermaids/sirens from other media!

What did you think about this?

Do think this could be true?

I sure do! 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️

Monday Review: Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)- J.K.Rowling

“The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the Heir, Beware.”

Harry Potter has been tossed around by his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin during summer break from Hogwarts.

As Harry counts down the days until his return, he is visited by a house elf, named Dobby, who warns him that danger will come Harry if he goes back to school. Harry of course goes back, as danger is better than staying with his ‘family’.

Danger is what follows, as Dobby warned. A new Professor shows up, who is stuck-up but something feels off, a Spirit who haunts a bathroom, strange writings on walls, students turning to stone and other disasters!

Who is behind these problems?

Is it Draco who seems to only care about himself?

Has the Spirit heard anything to help Harry and friends?

Is the new Professor in on it?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J. K. Rowling

Free-post Friday: RiME (Video Game)

I loved this game!

The soundtrack is amazing (a track was even made by Lindsey Stirling), the story is beautiful and heartbreaking.

I liked finding the little trinkets and lullaby fragments. I loved having a cute little fox companion to help guide your way!

I would definitely recommend it and I want to hear your thoughts! I’m trying to get my husband to play it so I can have someone to discuss it with too!