Monday Review: Tinker Bell Two Magical Tales – The Trouble With Tink (Book One) – Kiki Thorpe

Before Tinker Bell had her adventures with Peter Pan, she was born from a babies first laugh and lived in Pixie Hollow, the heart of Neverland!

After Peter Pan had brought Wendy Darling to Never Land, Tink and Peter weren’t speaking to each other. This story is about the period of time, that they were apart.

This story starts off with Tink, trying to fix a pot for her friend. She gets distracted and loses her tinkering tool! She tries to find it and to no avail. So she improvised a new tool but the pit gets too battered for her friend (poor Tink!).

She tries to use other tools but they don’t seem to work, and the other faeries (pixies) are getting concerned that Tink has lost her talent!

Tinker Bell goes on an adventure to seek out her hammer, the only hammer that will fix what she’s given.

Will she find it or will she have to leave Pixie Hollow forever?

Will her talent come back or will she be a laughingstock?

Tinker Bell: Two Magical Tales – Kiki Thorpe

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