Monday Review: Because I Love You – Max Lucado

(This book is Christian oriented but a good book for all)

The story begins with Shaddai, the village elder, whom the children adore and every living creature stops when Shaddai sings.

One day, Shaddai built a stone wall around the village to protect the children from the dangers of the word beyond, because he loves the children so much! He knew that the children would leave regardless and he prepared himself for that time.

A very curious young boy, Paladin, went walking and noticed a hole in the wall and ran to Shaddai to tell him. Shaddai warned Paladin of the dangers and that if he left, he would not find his way back.

Paladin decided he would just peek in the forest, so he crawled through the hole , telling himself he’d just look, but he kept crawling through. Once he was out, he thought everything was so nice and decided to take a stroll.

Paladin realized things started get dark and threatening, he was getting scared. He tried everything to get up the wall, because the hole he crawled through disappeared!

“Shaddai!!” Paladin cried…

Will Shaddai hear Paladins pleas?

Will Paladin see his village again?

Because I Love You – Max Lucado

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