Free-post Friday- International Mermaid Day, March 29 2019, Tributes

Obviously I had to recognize the Disney mermaids from Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid trilogy!

I adore them all, yes,even the rude ones in Peter Pan, but especially Melody (Little Mermaid 2) and Queen Athena (Little Mermaid prequel)!

My second tribute goes out to MermaidTrinity (who happens to be my mom)!

She is a N.E. Ohio mermaid entertainer, who usually travels with the local pirate crew (Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass, linked below). She is able to warm up children who may be a bit shy and make a ‘splash’ in their day, even for the adults!

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram!

MermaidTrinity’s Website

MermaidTrinity’s Facebook

MermaidTrinity’s Instagram

Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass links

PotRC Website

PotRC Facebook

PotRC Instagram

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