Monday Review: Shadow and Bone (GrishaVerse, Book One) – Leigh Bardugo

I picked this book out because Owlcrate talks about it frequently, and one of my best friends named one of her dog’s, Alina, after the main character!

Alina Starkov, an orphan, was raised by Duke Keramsov, a renowned war hero who takes in orphans, alongside her friend Malyen “Mal” Oretsev.

One day when they’re eight years old, they are tested by the Grisha, the world’s magical military force. They are not Grisha and continue to live as civilians.

Years pass and Alina and Mal are now soldier’s, about to trek across the Show Fold, an area of the world ravaged by pure darkness, unspeakable evil and vicious monsters.

Alina and the other soldier’s get attacked in the Shadow Fold! One of her friends gets taken away by one of the monsters and Mal gets injured! Alina protects Mal against her body and seeing all the chaos. All of a sudden, a bright magical light bursts forth from Alina, a power never known to her.

The Darkling, the leader of the Grisha, now tells Alina she’s Grisha and needs to go at once before others hear of her powers, people who would hurt her. She must hone her powers to save the world and break the evil that resides in the Shadow Fold.

Will Alina survive the monsters and those who would harm her?

Will she see her friends again?

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

Free-post Friday: Book Faerie – Amy Brown

I have been a fan of Amy Brown since I was little. My mom had air fresheners or was it rear view mirror dangles (you what I mean, right?)… of some of her works and I just always loved the designs.

Her designs range from fairy’s and dragons to unicorns and mermaids. They can be in the styles of steampunk, goth, or just plain cute!

I really love this picture because what’s better than books, fairies, dragn-worm, and the colors purple and blue?!

Amy Brown website

Monday Review: Daughter of the Siren Queen – Tricia Levenseller (Book Two of DotPK)

We start off with Alosa heading to her father’s (the Pirate King) hideout, to give him the pieces it the map to Isla de Canta, wherevthe Sirens reside with lots of treasure.

Alosa is still hiding her real feelings for Riden, a character we meet in the previous book, and it takes a lot for her to keep those feelings from spilling.

She starts hearing rumors that the reason her father is immune to Alosa’s siren powers is because he has a device to control sirens.

She finds out her Siren mother is alive and has been her father’s prisoner since Alosa was born. She rescues her mother and starts off to Isla de Canta, with her angry father not far behind.

Will Alosa’s mother stay with her?

What is the real reason Alosa’s father can’t be controlled by her powers?

Will they reach the Isla before the other pirates?

Does Riden feel for Alosa?

Daughter of the Siren Queen – Tricia Levenseller

Free-Post Friday: Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

(Credit to artists, namco,pokemon,nintendo)

1. Eeveelutions- I can’t pick just one, I love all of them! They are all so special.

2. Mew- I’ve always loved how adorable it is, it’s also quite powerful despite it’s nature for peace.

3. Melotic-I fell in love with this pokemon after playing Detective Pikachu! So beautiful!

4. Vulpix- what’s not to love about this cute fox pokemon!

5.Ninetails- Ninetails is Vulpix’s evolution, fox but Fire-y..and with nine tails. It also reminds me of the Kitsune fox!

6.Rapidash- Horse on fire and yet, Beautiful and powerful! Can you tell I enjoy fire? I swear I’m not a pyro, haha

7.Lapras- beautiful water pokemon that can carry it’s master’s across the sea. I like to think it’s a dragon but lives in the water…like a mermaid

8.Charizard- fire breathing dragon…that is all!

9.Nidoran- I’ll always have a soft spot for Nidoran as I had a Nidoran keychain growing up.

10.Poliwhirl- Same as above except I have a poliwhirl stuffed animal.

Bookish Wednesday: Beverly Cleary, Renowned Children’s Author, Turned 103 Years old!!

One of my favorite childhood author’s had her 103rd birthday this past Monday!

I loved all of the Ramona Quimby books so much, in fact, I believe I wrote book reports on them in elementary school!

Which books of hers did you enjoy the most?

Monday Review: Redemption – Mass Effect Omnibus Book 1, Comic 1 – Mac Walters, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller

I got the Mass Effect comics Omnibus 1 and 2, for my birthday last year, from a friend and I love it so much!


Redemption starts off right after the beginning of Mass Effect 2, when the Normandy is blown apart from the Collector ship and Shepard dies.

Liara T’soni later hears that someone has recovered Shepard’s body and meets up with her informant, Ferron, a drell (which you get to meet later in the Shadow Broker DLC).

Ferron tells Liara that Shepard is being held by some Collwctors to trade off to The Shadow Broker. Miranda Lawson, comes across them, looking to form alliance with them. They refuse and continue searching for Shepard’s body.

As the story progresses, they never show the face of Shepard as your own Shepard is customizable.

Liara and Ferron find the dealers and fight to retrieve Shepard but they lose the Commander, and are off again to the Shadow Brokers Lair.

Will they save Shepard?

Will Liara and Ferron survive?

Mass Effect Omnibus 1 – Mac Walters, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller

Free-post Friday: Top 5 favorite Overwatch characters

Lucio: Lucio is my main, he is a DJ. He uses his music to switch between healing and speed boost, he can also shoot/push people with his speaker gun. I also like that Lucio has a real cereal (based upon a voice line and spray in game) and a real album.

Ashe: I just adore her! She is voiced by my favorite female voice actor, Jennifer Hale (Fem Shepard, and lots of other works), and she’s just bad-ashe (get it?!)! Ashe uses a shotgun and dynamite as her primary weapons and a helper named Bob. How can I, a gamer, not place in this category? She is a former professional gamer and a meka pilot! Her bunny logo is the cutest too!

McCree: McCree is awesome! He is a cowboy, a mixture of Clint Eastwood and Doc Holliday (with voice lines very similar too).

Reaper: Reaper is pretty cool; he can teleport and use double pistols. I like a lot of his costume skins and voice lines as well as his back story.

Bookish Wednesday: Book Worlds Are Just As Real

I feel this on a deep level!

Everytime I read, I feel as though I’ve been transported to that world; I can hear the characters, I can see the clashing of swords, I can smell the food on their table…you get the picture. You form connections with the characters and have the most greatest of adventures with them.

Do you feel the same way?

Monday Review: The Last Wish (Introducing The Witcher) – Andrzej Sapkowski

(Disclaimer: this book has adult themes and language, not for younger audiences)

According to what I looked up; the chronological order of reading the books is this short story collection, another short story collection, then the beginning of the novels and so on.

I am reading the series before I finish playing The Witcher video games, as I’ll have more of a connection to the places and characters!

I really loved this book, it drew me in immediately (probably because I’m a gamer, haha).

The story follows Geralt of Rivia, he’s a Witcher. A Witcher is a monster slayer with extraordinary powers given to him at a young age through a series of experiments.

Geralt goes to different towns to slay the monsters the terrorize the villagers, in order to make money. However, Geralt has a code. If a creature doesn’t kill and/or can act upon reason (such as they just want to live in peace or are under a curse), he typically leaves them alone or ask them to move away from the village to give peace of mind.

Geralt meets a few people who help him on his journey’s, such as the sorceress Yennefer, the troubadour Dandelion, the priestesses Iola and Nenneke.

Not everything monstrous is evil but not everything fair is good. Sometimes the people are worse than the monsters.

What will happen next? Well I’m just going to have to buy and read the other books! <3

The Last Wish (Introducing The Witcher) – Andrzej Sapkowski