Free-Post Friday: Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

(Credit to artists, namco,pokemon,nintendo)

1. Eeveelutions- I can’t pick just one, I love all of them! They are all so special.

2. Mew- I’ve always loved how adorable it is, it’s also quite powerful despite it’s nature for peace.

3. Melotic-I fell in love with this pokemon after playing Detective Pikachu! So beautiful!

4. Vulpix- what’s not to love about this cute fox pokemon!

5.Ninetails- Ninetails is Vulpix’s evolution, fox but Fire-y..and with nine tails. It also reminds me of the Kitsune fox!

6.Rapidash- Horse on fire and yet, Beautiful and powerful! Can you tell I enjoy fire? I swear I’m not a pyro, haha

7.Lapras- beautiful water pokemon that can carry it’s master’s across the sea. I like to think it’s a dragon but lives in the water…like a mermaid

8.Charizard- fire breathing dragon…that is all!

9.Nidoran- I’ll always have a soft spot for Nidoran as I had a Nidoran keychain growing up.

10.Poliwhirl- Same as above except I have a poliwhirl stuffed animal.

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