Free-post Friday: Studio Ghibli vs. Disney crossover – AndHikaMuksin

I love this so much!!

I’m a big Disney and Hayao Miyazaki fan! So when I found these crossovers, by AndHika Muksin, I just about died with happiness.

Spirited away, Ponyo, My neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke are the ones the artist has done thus far.

What do you think of these crossovers?

Monday Review: Tales and Poems – Edgar Allan Poe

I decided to include both of these books as one would have more tales than the other or didn’t include one that the other did.

I’ve enjoyed Edgar Allan Poe, for a long time, since I was a child. My favorites include The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell-Tale Heart and a few more.

I also enjoyed some of the movies based upon these tales, especially the ones that included Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee.

As with any debate, you tend to have the lovers of Poe vs. lovers of Lovecraft, and I’m here to say that I enjoy both!

What are some of your favorites by Poe?

Free-post Friday- It’s My Blog’s First Birthday!

It’s my blog’s first birthday! Where has the time gone?

My first post was made May 27th 2018, I was going to do a special post then, but it falls on a Monday this year and that would cut into Review day. 😉

So much has happened, in this short amount of time, I made this an official business, became an Amazon Associate, got a book sent to me to review by an author, purchased so many books to talk to you guys about (and more that’s been collecting dust that i have to read yet), and much more!

I just want to take the time to thank every one of you for supporting me, liking my posts, commenting, giving me feedback, thank you to all the artists I’ve credited, thank you to all the authors out there for writing so many beautiful books and to the video game designers and anime writers for my free-post’s!

I’m excited to see where the next year takes me and all of you!

Monday Review: Homeworlds (Mass Effect Comics Omnibus Book 1) – Mac Walters, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller


James Vega, Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya,Garrus Vakarian, and Liara T’Soni are the stars in these short stories.

James Vega’s story takes us to when he joined the military and his father disapproves and tries to keep Vega around to help obtain his drugs. He leaves in order to free himself.

Tali’s story begins when she leaves for her pilgrimage, she finds Geth in an odd place, access one of their memory cores, where she hears the recording of Saren and Matriarch Benezia “Eden Prime was a major victory…etc”. She heads to the Citadel in search of answers. Where she’ll meet up with Shepard.

Garrus starts us out learning to shoot with his father on Palaven. His father was tough on him to teach Garrus how to be an adult, and Garrus wanted to be on the lines as C-Sec and his father kept him doing paperwork. We go back to the present as Arch Angel in Omega during the showdown between the three armies. He gets a call to his father and thanks him for everything.

Liara is now the Shadow Broker, looking for more Prothean Artifacts. She runs into problems, which conveniently includes Illusive Man, who wants to strike an unwilling deal which Liara is happy to refuse. She heads to Mars where she learns is where the information she wants is located.

Monday Review: Invasion (Mass Effect Comics Omnibus Book 1) – Mac Walter’s, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller


We begin in Omega. Reaper enemies have attacked, and Aria T’Loak, the leader of Omega, finds out and attacks back!

Cerberus comes to their aid and when they are done with the first wave of reaper’s, they start butchering the corpses or they become husks too.

The Cerberus General of the ship who helped out, takes Aria to the Omega-4 Relay to disable the signal. A new Wave of Adjutants appear from the station, Aria takes them all out with her biotics, but uses too much of her powers and falls unconscious.

It all a ploy, to restrain Aria, her abilities and keep her hostage, while another Cerberus operative has taken over Omega.

What happens next?

Will Aria return to Omega?

Will Omega fall?

Did Illusive Man have a say in all of this or was it an inside thing?