Monday Review: Invasion (Mass Effect Comics Omnibus Book 1) – Mac Walter’s, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller


We begin in Omega. Reaper enemies have attacked, and Aria T’Loak, the leader of Omega, finds out and attacks back!

Cerberus comes to their aid and when they are done with the first wave of reaper’s, they start butchering the corpses or they become husks too.

The Cerberus General of the ship who helped out, takes Aria to the Omega-4 Relay to disable the signal. A new Wave of Adjutants appear from the station, Aria takes them all out with her biotics, but uses too much of her powers and falls unconscious.

It all a ploy, to restrain Aria, her abilities and keep her hostage, while another Cerberus operative has taken over Omega.

What happens next?

Will Aria return to Omega?

Will Omega fall?

Did Illusive Man have a say in all of this or was it an inside thing?

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