Free-post Friday- It’s My Blog’s First Birthday!

It’s my blog’s first birthday! Where has the time gone?

My first post was made May 27th 2018, I was going to do a special post then, but it falls on a Monday this year and that would cut into Review day. 😉

So much has happened, in this short amount of time, I made this an official business, became an Amazon Associate, got a book sent to me to review by an author, purchased so many books to talk to you guys about (and more that’s been collecting dust that i have to read yet), and much more!

I just want to take the time to thank every one of you for supporting me, liking my posts, commenting, giving me feedback, thank you to all the artists I’ve credited, thank you to all the authors out there for writing so many beautiful books and to the video game designers and anime writers for my free-post’s!

I’m excited to see where the next year takes me and all of you!

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