Monday Review: The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood


This was an interesting book (and show) about a dystopian future, in which fertile women give birth to Commander’s and their barren wives.

Women can not own money, read, write or other ‘normal’ things, and instead are only valued for their ovaries. If they refuse they are usually sent off to The Colonies, a radioactive area where they must till the land as they slowly decay. Most doctors,priests, homosexuals, other religious peoples are killed.

There are rebels who wish to return to the life as it was before, if Canada (the only safe place free from the new politics) is not an option.

This is about Offred, a handmaid who is living in this new world. She tells her story and often speaks to the reader as if we are right there with her. We are given flashbacks of her past, a time where she was married, had a daughter, hung out with her best friend, had a job and other taboo things.

Will Offred survive this new world and go back to her family?

Will Offred join the resistance?

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