Bookish Wednesday: This Or That – Shethespy

Paperback or hardback: Hardback for normal books; easier for me to hold and book lights stay on better too! However, Paperbacks are better for manga,comics and graphic novels.

Meet your favorite author or Meet your favorite character: I would have to say author!

Classics or new releases: new releases! Don’t get me wrong, I love classics but i prefer new releases!

Be a published author or published reviewer: reviewer please!

Fiction or non-fiction: fiction!

Unlimited free books or live inside your favorite book: unlimited free books, for sure!

Favorite book as a film or t.v. series: honestly I enjoy both, but if I HAD to choose…series!

Read in bed or sofa: both, but I prefer sofa; easier to find a comfy spot.

Library or bookstore: bookstore!

Not allowed new books or not allowed to re-read: never re-read, not having new books would kill me!

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