Free Post Friday: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Hype

(Today’s post as well as this coming Monday and Wednesday will be based around this game, just an FYI)

I am sooooo psyched for this game to release! September 3rd can’t come soon enough!

Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite in the FF series, so you can imagine my excitement when they told us at E3 this year that the remaster would be coming later this year. Then at GamesCom they gave us the release date (that would be my birth month too!!), which threw us (the Final Fantasy VIII group on Facebook) ever more over the edge!

This Tuesday will be amazing, I can’t wait to feel the goosebumps all over again! I really love(d) EVERYTHING about this game; the characters, story, music, summons, cards, the detail, dialouge…everything.

See you in the next post!

Free-post Friday- Updates

Hello everyone! I just thought I’d give a little update as I haven’t posted in a while.

I’ve been a little crazy, as my oldest child just started school this week, so I’ve been in a meltdown, he started Kindergarten! So for the last few weeks I’ve been getting stuff together for that plus there was school meetings beforehand.

I haven’t been reading as much because I’m so beat after the crazy day, that I either go to sleep or relax with some video games for a bit. before passing out. I will try to get some reading done during the day as it’s just me and my youngest child at home, now that my oldest is going to school and it’s not as hectic around here.

I’m also trying to get better at giving credit to artists that I post, which as you’ve seen, I usually do… but the one time I forget or use “Credit to artist” as a placeholder until I do find out the artist, somebody gets mad. Which is fine, put me in my place, but be patient and not too mean as 99% of the time I do give credit 💜

I hope to post more for you lovely people soon! Hope everything is well!