Monday Review:The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books-P.D.Eastman,Robert Lopshire,Marilyn Sadler,Mike McClintock

Go Dog Go: This is one of my favorite children’s books ever (probably number 3)! This book is about many dogs doing every day things, like sleeping,working,bathing in the sun and even throwing a party! My favorite part is when a set of dogs talk to each other through the book to determine if the one likes the other’s hat. It’s very cute!

Are you my mother: This happens to be my 4th ranked favorite children’s book! This one is about a little bird who falls out from his nest and goes in search of his mother. He comes across many things whom he is his mommy such as; a dog,a hen, a plane, and even a “snort”! Eventually he is reunited with his mom and everything turns out okay!

A Fly went by: This is a story about a fly going by a boy in a hurry. It’s a whole chasing book, some other animal is chasing the one behind it thinking they will eat each other, but it’s only because the last animal heard something and got scared so it started running away only to stumble upon an animal that is usually it’s “prey”. Everything was sorted out in the end.

Put me in the zoo: I never really understood/liked this story…it’s about a weird leopard thing who wants to be in the zoo because he can make himself into any color, or size, or put polka dots on himself. He decides to join the circus at the end.

The best nest: This is about two birds. The female bird wants a new nest so the male bird goes in search of new homes. Female bird doesnt like any of them. They come back to their old home and determine that their nest is the best nest.

It’s not easy being a bunny: This story is about a bunny who doesn’t feel like being a bunny anymore, so he leaves home to become a new animal. He doesnt fit in with the other animals so he comes home and realizes that being a bunny isn’t so bad!

Overall: I really enjoyed this set of books, especially since it includes many of my favorites. The pictures are cute and the words are well written!

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