Free-post Friday: I got a Nintendo Switch!!

Last weekend my husband surprised me with a Nintendo Switch! I actually cried!

I’d been wanting a Switch since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out and even more so back in March when Covid Lockdown began.

So many people bought out the Switch during lockdown and scalpers took to selling them waaaaay overpriced! I kept being patient and just waited until they came back in stock!

I began to lose hope when I heard rumors that we (The United States) wouldn’t get stock until NEXT year!

Well over this past weekend, my husband went out to do some errands and when he came back home, there it was!! I was so happy!

The whole surprise came with:

The console (plus the decals that I put on):

The travel case:

And the game:

I have already played quite a few hours on it, usuallybat night once the kids are in bed so I can fully enjoy it!

I love it so much! After I finish Zelda, I’ll buy Animal Crossing too!