Free-Post Friday:Book Haul #3

*This Haul is about books I have personally bought from the store and does not include any Owlcrate books I’ve received or books I’ve gotten from an author friend to review (I’ve already reviewed one which you can click here:, those will be in another post.*

The mangas were very good some of them are explicit so Trigger Warning when it comes to the reviews. They were also pretty cute too!

I’ve been slowly trying to complete some of the series that I’m missing, so I got the 3rd/4th book in The Vampire Diaries books! I can’t wait to finish the  reading them!

I saw a Final Fantasy book and me being a Final Fantasy fan, I just HAD to have it. This FFXV book is supposed to take place after the events of the game (which was really great by the way) and the summary looked pretty good!

What would you like to see next?