Monday Review: Living Room Matsunaga-San (Book 1)- Keiko Iwashita

I really love this manga I picked up!

It is about a girl named Miko, also called “Meeko”, who moves into her uncle’s boarding house after her parebts move away to take care of Miko’s ill grandmother.

In this boarding house there are other residents; Asako, Ken, Hattori, Ryo, and Matsunaga (also Sabako the cat). Everyone seems super friendly towards Miko except for Matsunaga who puts off an eerie vibe for Miko.

To welcome herself to the new house and the residents Miko decides to cook for them, which winds up backfiring as there is scheduling conflicts with some of the people.

Miko also loses her phone and goes off into town looking for it, in the pouring rain. Matsunaga decides to help her look against his better judgment, and it seems he isn’t as scary as he seemed the first time they met, he even buys her a security strap for her phone so she won’t lose it again!

Everyone does eventually get to taste Miko’s cooking and loves it and her.

Matsunaga even asks Miko’s advice of some cover art for a book he’s making (did I forget to mention he’s a cover art designer?) And she helps him out! After that they have an even better friendship and Miko starts having feelings for him.

What will happen next? Well I’ll just have to keep reading the series, now won’t I?

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