Bookish Wednesday: This Or That – Shethespy

Paperback or hardback: Hardback for normal books; easier for me to hold and book lights stay on better too! However, Paperbacks are better for manga,comics and graphic novels.

Meet your favorite author or Meet your favorite character: I would have to say author!

Classics or new releases: new releases! Don’t get me wrong, I love classics but i prefer new releases!

Be a published author or published reviewer: reviewer please!

Fiction or non-fiction: fiction!

Unlimited free books or live inside your favorite book: unlimited free books, for sure!

Favorite book as a film or t.v. series: honestly I enjoy both, but if I HAD to choose…series!

Read in bed or sofa: both, but I prefer sofa; easier to find a comfy spot.

Library or bookstore: bookstore!

Not allowed new books or not allowed to re-read: never re-read, not having new books would kill me!

Bookish Wednesday: Books and Bookish Amazon List

I have sent this out before and I just want to reiterate it, for the new viewers!

This is my Amazon wishlist for Books and Bookish items I would like to have, if you would like to help contribute/support the blog, this would be a nice way!

This is completely optional! You would be thanked and everything would be shared here 💜💙

Monday Review and Bookish Wednesday: Final Fantasy 7,8, and 9 Ultimania Archive

First of all I’d like to apologize for not posting on Monday, things have been a little crazy, and I was trying to finish up a book (review for that will be next week).

I love this book, especially given that it has my favorite of the series in it, Final Fantasy 8 (go remaster!!)

I thought I might share since E3 recently passed, and news of the FF7 remake and FF8 remaster have surfaced!

Inside the book are the artworks by Amano, detailed descriptions of most of the characters and places, initial designs, memorable quotes and other fun things (such as a family tree of sorts showing how these characters are interlinked)!

Are you a Final Fantasy fan too?

Are you a new fan?

Will you be buying FF7, FF8 or both?

What platforms?