Bookish Wednesday:July Owlcrate 2018 “Strange and Unusual” Theme

This is unboxing for July 2018 Owlcrate. Under each picture is a description about it. I hope you enjoy it and try it out!

(This is what the box looks like)

(An overview of everything that was inside)

(The paper that lists everything inside with a small description)

(A booklet with more in depth description’s and interviews)

(A sneak peek into next month’s theme)

(Monthly pin and a Luna Lovegood sticker)

(The book pick for the month)

(“Miss Peregrine’s” inspired pennant)

(Ouija mints and Stranger things funko keychain (you either got Dustin or Eleven))

(“Raven Boys” inspired wallet)

(Bookish whale art print)

Bookish Wednesday: Library Ideas

I found these photos on Pinterest (credit to original owners,none of these are mine or in my home) for ideas for my home library. Below each photo I will explain what part(s) I like.

I like the idea of straight, built-in,floor to ceiling wall shelving,across more than one wall, that way I’m not hindered by “blockage” and have to arrange by series or genre in order to fit them.

I definitely wouldn’t mind adding some fairy lights to the shelves either, they are very pretty and don’t emit bright lights. They would also make for very pretty photos!

I’ve always wanted a reading nook too! Somewhere comfy to read,that isn’t the bed. There would be a secondary light next to it if I’m reading at night and don’t have the natural light from outside.

Finally, I would love a rolling ladder,like in Beauty and the Beast because I’m short and wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelves.

Bookish Wednesday: Candles

(Please note that this is NOT a sponsored entry)

Most of my bookish items that I currently have, I got from a monthly book subscription called Owlcrate. Owlcrate gives you a book, not previously released with an exclusive cover at that, along with other exclusive bookish goodies that go with that months theme.

That being said today’s post is two items that I’ve gotten from Owlcrate! These candles are really cool and smell amazing!
The candle on the left is inspired by “The Raven Boys” series (I have not read these books) and the one on the right is inspired by “The Chronicles of Narnia” series (I have read this series)

Wall Art

I got this beautiful wall art at Books-A-Million, because it combines two of my favorite things…Disney, my favorite character just happens to be Belle too, and books!
When I get a proper library set up in my house, that probably will never be as big as Belle’s library in her castle, this will sure to be on display!