Free-post Friday- Two Game Reviews and Book Haul!

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile but hey; new year, new me, am I right?! I’m going to try and do better to post regularly again.

So to start off I’d like to talk about two new games I recently played and how I felt about them!

First up is “The First Tree”! This game was phenomenal! Gameplay was smooth, music was beautiful, story was moving, great voiceover, plus foxes! It made me cry a few times because the story was sad and the way they played it out was beautiful, so I won’t spoil it, but I would reccomend it!

Next game I played recently was called “When the past was around”. It was also beautiful, musically story,there are puzzles to do, the characters were drawn gorgeously. Just a really cute game! This game was also sad but it started off sad so I wasn’t bawling my eyes out like “The First Tree”

I bought two new books, revolving around the Star Wars fandom, as I needed more Star Wars in my bookshelves, as well as more for my favorite character Padmé Amidala! From I gathered (as I haven’t read them yet), the first book “The Queen’s Peril” is about her time as Queen on Naboo, and “The Queen’s Shadow” is during her reign of Senator.

The last thing I bought is a journal type book called “Burn After Writing” that I kept hearing about. Apparently it isn’t like most journal books, this one is supposed to ask you much more deeper questions and at the end you can either choose to keep it or burn it away. Will keep you updated on what I decide to do with it when I finish it!

I hope everyone is staying safe and happy and I’ll see you on Monday!

Free-Post Friday:Book Haul #3

*This Haul is about books I have personally bought from the store and does not include any Owlcrate books I’ve received or books I’ve gotten from an author friend to review (I’ve already reviewed one which you can click here:, those will be in another post.*

The mangas were very good some of them are explicit so Trigger Warning when it comes to the reviews. They were also pretty cute too!

I’ve been slowly trying to complete some of the series that I’m missing, so I got the 3rd/4th book in The Vampire Diaries books! I can’t wait to finish the  reading them!

I saw a Final Fantasy book and me being a Final Fantasy fan, I just HAD to have it. This FFXV book is supposed to take place after the events of the game (which was really great by the way) and the summary looked pretty good!

What would you like to see next?

Free-post Friday: Breath of the Wild and other things

I really enjoyed Breath of the Wild! It was everything I wanted and MORE! There are still a few little things I didn’t do but I did the main storyline and the majority of the shrines and upgrades.

It was super fun and I may have shed a tear or so of happiness, but I will definitely play it again and finish the things I hadn’t!

I have now started Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it’s super cute and fun! I’m on Day 5 of playing as of this post and I’ve already done so much! I’ve played New Leaf on the 3DS and Pocket Camp on mobile and I really enjoyed those so I’m looking forward to playing more of this game!

In other news, my birthday is in two days, on the 20th and I’m excited to do some shopping to celebrate! I will do a post of some of my spoils next week!

As always, I hope everyone is staying healthy;physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m going to work harder at posting more often and I apologize that I’ve been taking more absences.

Free-post Friday: I got a Nintendo Switch!!

Last weekend my husband surprised me with a Nintendo Switch! I actually cried!

I’d been wanting a Switch since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out and even more so back in March when Covid Lockdown began.

So many people bought out the Switch during lockdown and scalpers took to selling them waaaaay overpriced! I kept being patient and just waited until they came back in stock!

I began to lose hope when I heard rumors that we (The United States) wouldn’t get stock until NEXT year!

Well over this past weekend, my husband went out to do some errands and when he came back home, there it was!! I was so happy!

The whole surprise came with:

The console (plus the decals that I put on):

The travel case:

And the game:

I have already played quite a few hours on it, usuallybat night once the kids are in bed so I can fully enjoy it!

I love it so much! After I finish Zelda, I’ll buy Animal Crossing too!

Free-post Friday-ESO and Fallout 76 Talk

The picture above is my Camp/house in both games.

My Fallout one is located right by Summersville and has a balcony off the bedroom floor and my ESO house is the Psijic Villa Notable Home that I got from doing a worldwide event. Both my houses still have some work to do so if they seem a little barren, that’s why.

I love playing these games! So I wanted to talk a little about both, and if you’re new, I play these games on the Xbox!

We will start with Fallout 76:

I have been playing this game off and on since the game came out back in November 2018.

I have enjoyed it very much as I have with any Fallout game. I like the quests, the music, the lore and other players (have made a few close friends because of it). Recently they added in human NPC’s with extra content which has made it even more amazing!

Elder Scrolls Online:

I have also been playing this game off and on since it released in 2015. I have always enjoyed the Elder Scrolls games so this is pretty amazing, all the new content they release is so much fun! The music, lore, voice actors and the different classes just make it amazing!

Recently I got into a guild called ‘Knights of Nocturnal’ and they are very fun and helpful! The first guild in this game that I’ve been in too, and I’m glad I chose one that is so much fun! I’ve made some pretty cool friends!

Free-post Friday(Saturday)- OWLCRATE-A-THON March 14-27

I have decided to take part of Owlcrate-a-thon this year, that starts today (Saturday,March 14). There are a few guidelines to follow:

1. Read the Owlcrate you’ve had the longest

2. Read the Owlcrate book that has the most pages

3. Read at least 2 books

I am going to follow the guidelines with the ones that I HAVE NOT read yet.

I will start this off with the one I’ve had the longest that I haven’t picked up yet; Caraval – Stephanie Garber. I will try to finish it by Monday for Review day. Wish me luck!

Free-post Friday- Answering Your Questions

Firstly; I want to thank everyone who submitted a question, I really enjoyed reading them!

Secondly; what kind of content would you like see more of?

Question by Jo: Have you read the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks?

Answer: No I have not, but thank you for the recommendation!

Question by Carlos: What do you think of the Harry Potter series? Does it still hold up? Is it worthy of being considered a classic?

Answer: I have only read up to Book 3, but I have enjoyed them so far. From what I have seen, people still seem to enjoy them/still a fan of. Each new movie/book or play that came out brings in new audiences (for example Fantastic Beasts and Cursed Child). That being considered, since it’s still being recognized to this day, sure, I think it should be a classic!

Question by Acie: Sweet or Salty?

Answer: Sweet!

Question by Jordan: Have you read the Endgame trilogy?

Answer: No I haven’t, but thanks for the recommendation!

Free-Post Friday:(Very Late Post) Christmas Gifts From A Follower

Sorry I’ve been absent, I have a lot going on lately but I’M BACK!!!

One of my close friends and a follower,Carlos, sent me some Christmas Gifts from my Amazon list ( to help grow this blog! It was so sweet and I really liked the items!

This is a cute drawer and pencil holder in the shape of books!

These are Alice in Wonderland bookmarks, with cute quotes an original artwork!

See you guys Monday!!

Free-post Friday- Gamer Hello Kitty Funko Pop

When I first saw the ad for this Hello Kitty Gamer Funko, I knew I wanted it as my daughter and myself just adore Hello Kitty and we are a gamer family so it was nice to have something with both our interests!

Last week, it was in stock at my local Game Stop, and I nabbed it before I lost my chance again!

She is just so cute!!