Monday Review: Living Room Matsunaga-San (Book 1)- Keiko Iwashita

I really love this manga I picked up!

It is about a girl named Miko, also called “Meeko”, who moves into her uncle’s boarding house after her parebts move away to take care of Miko’s ill grandmother.

In this boarding house there are other residents; Asako, Ken, Hattori, Ryo, and Matsunaga (also Sabako the cat). Everyone seems super friendly towards Miko except for Matsunaga who puts off an eerie vibe for Miko.

To welcome herself to the new house and the residents Miko decides to cook for them, which winds up backfiring as there is scheduling conflicts with some of the people.

Miko also loses her phone and goes off into town looking for it, in the pouring rain. Matsunaga decides to help her look against his better judgment, and it seems he isn’t as scary as he seemed the first time they met, he even buys her a security strap for her phone so she won’t lose it again!

Everyone does eventually get to taste Miko’s cooking and loves it and her.

Matsunaga even asks Miko’s advice of some cover art for a book he’s making (did I forget to mention he’s a cover art designer?) And she helps him out! After that they have an even better friendship and Miko starts having feelings for him.

What will happen next? Well I’ll just have to keep reading the series, now won’t I?

Monday Review:The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books-P.D.Eastman,Robert Lopshire,Marilyn Sadler,Mike McClintock

Go Dog Go: This is one of my favorite children’s books ever (probably number 3)! This book is about many dogs doing every day things, like sleeping,working,bathing in the sun and even throwing a party! My favorite part is when a set of dogs talk to each other through the book to determine if the one likes the other’s hat. It’s very cute!

Are you my mother: This happens to be my 4th ranked favorite children’s book! This one is about a little bird who falls out from his nest and goes in search of his mother. He comes across many things whom he is his mommy such as; a dog,a hen, a plane, and even a “snort”! Eventually he is reunited with his mom and everything turns out okay!

A Fly went by: This is a story about a fly going by a boy in a hurry. It’s a whole chasing book, some other animal is chasing the one behind it thinking they will eat each other, but it’s only because the last animal heard something and got scared so it started running away only to stumble upon an animal that is usually it’s “prey”. Everything was sorted out in the end.

Put me in the zoo: I never really understood/liked this story…it’s about a weird leopard thing who wants to be in the zoo because he can make himself into any color, or size, or put polka dots on himself. He decides to join the circus at the end.

The best nest: This is about two birds. The female bird wants a new nest so the male bird goes in search of new homes. Female bird doesnt like any of them. They come back to their old home and determine that their nest is the best nest.

It’s not easy being a bunny: This story is about a bunny who doesn’t feel like being a bunny anymore, so he leaves home to become a new animal. He doesnt fit in with the other animals so he comes home and realizes that being a bunny isn’t so bad!

Overall: I really enjoyed this set of books, especially since it includes many of my favorites. The pictures are cute and the words are well written!

Monday Review: Darkly Dreaming Dexter – Jeff Lindsay (Dexter Series Book 1)


This is the book series that inspired the television show. Season 1 of the show is based on Book One of the books.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it gave me a whole new perspective of Dexter Morgan and why/how he became who he is.

If you don’t know about Dexter, he is a blood-splatter analyst for the Miami-Metro Police Department.

He was adopted at a very young age to Harry Morgan who was a very respected police officer, and Dexter and Harry’s daughter Deborah, followed in his footsteps.

What you don’t expect is that Dexter is also a serial killer, but he only kills those who deserve it; murderer’s, rapists, child predators, and other serial killers!

In this book, Dexter is investigating murders by what they call the Tamiami Slasher. Leaving behind subtle clues that only Dexter can figure out, the slasher makes his way to his next victims.

We find out later that the killer is Dexter’s biological brother who is trying to get Dexter to see how similar they are and to be more open about who he kills, not just bad people.

What happens next, well that’s for you to figure out 😉

Monday Review: Ghostgirl – Tonya Hurley (Re-Review)

Ghostgirl is about a young lady named Charlotte who is starting a new year in school.

Charlotte is typically the kind of person who nobody sees, a lone wolf, but she wants this year to be different.
She wants to be popular so she can be seen, and so that the popular guy she has a crush on will notice her.

Well she gets her wish, her teacher pairs her up with him for a project!
He wants Charlotte to tutor him, and class ends.

She follows him only to start choking on a gummy bear!
Of course she is all alone and it starts sticking and she’s choking more and more, banging on the door hoping someone will hear.

She’s dead.

Charlotte wakes up right where she died, in school. A little strange and she is called into the office.

It seems that even in death she must go to school to learn how to be dead before going to the “otherside”.

She winds up having to help the sister of the popular girl, Scarlet, who also is the only one who is able to see Charlotte!

What happens next?

Monday Review: Fallout Cookbook – Victoria Rosenthal & Overwatch Cookbook – Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

(DISCLAIMER: I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet!)

I have flipped through the pages and they all look delicious, some of which I actually pictured in my head!

Being a fan of both games, I just had to have these, and I can’t wait to test them out!

Do you have any fandom cookbooks?

I have two ‘Gilmore Girls’ cookbooks as well.

Monday Review: Sleepy Hollow-Washington Irving

This is about a beautiful land but haunted called Tarrytown and then to known as Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow’s most haunted tale is th one of The Headless Horseman, a Hessian soldier whose head fell in battle by a cannonball, who roams the hills and roads.

Ichabod Crane, a school teacher, is facinated by all the spooky tales, and even talks about them with the elder ladies of the town, when he is done helping them with household problems in payment for his stay.

Ichabod gets chased by the Horseman, after a jealous man,Brom Bones, tries to keep Crane away from the damsel Karina Van Tassel, whom Crane has an affection for, by doing horrible pranks and sets the Headless Horseman after him!

What happened to Ichabod?

Monday Review: Death Note (Black Edition Vol 1) – Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata


I watched the anime adaption but never read the manga so I thought I’d give it a go.

This manga is about a notebook that a death god dropped into the mortal realm.

The notebook is picked up by Light Yagami, a student, who soon learns that this is no ordinary notebook! A list of rules are found within, but basically, any person who’s name is written in it, will die.

Light decides to use this new power to rid the world of evil-doers. When people start mysteriously dying, the police get involved and start trying to fgure out wwho is behind it.

Will Light continue to use his power in this way or will he become the every thing he wants to rid the world of?

Will Light be found out and face the consequences or will the power go to his head?

Monday Review (Late): Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Vol 2 – SquareEnix

Sorry for the post delay! I would have posted yesterday but I’ve been sick with a cold during the holiday weekend!

FF Ultimania Volume 2 includes my all time favorite Final Fantasy (VIII), So you know I just HAD to have it!

The Ultimania is a book consisting of original artwork, designs, storyboards, facts on characters or monsters you may not have known, the world of that Final Fantasy,summons,vehicles, extra content and other awesome stuff!

If you love FF or just want to know more about the games, you shoold definitely pick up one of these volumes and see for yourself why these series are so beloved!

Monday Review: The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia – Shigeru Miyamoto,Akira Himekawa, Mike Richardson, Nintendo

I got this a while back, and it’s amazing! I just had to get it as I love the Zelda games!

This book is recognizing 25 years of Zelda and talks about all the games up to Skyward Sword, the timeline, characters, designs, temples, Zelda history and even a bonus comic!

I plan on purchasing the LoZ Encyclopedia and the Art & Artifacts books in the future as well.

Monday Review: Kilala Princess (Book One) – Rika Tanaka and Nao Kodaka

I just got this book over the weekend because how could I not?! It’s got Disney, a manga and super cute!

I finished this manga in minutes, I was so captivated! The art is beautiful and the story is amazing!

This is about a school girl named Kilala, who dreams of being a princess, but tends to get in trouble!

While walking with her friend Erica, they spot a locked gate (that becomes important later), when Kilala gets home there is a boy laying in the grass. She assumes he’s under a sleeping spell and kisses him…which of course wakes him up! His name is Rei and is travelling with Valdou to find the chosen Princess in order to save their country.

At Kilala’s school, they choose an annual princess (complete with a ball), and Kilala thinks that is where Rei will find the Princess. When Erica is chosen as the princess, she is kidnapped!

Kilala,Rei and Valdou chase them and wind up at that locked gate! Valdou stays behind as Kilala opens the gate by reciting a prayer of sorts. At the other side of the gate,with Rei following behind, they have been transported to the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!!!

Will Snow White be able to help them?

Can Kilala save her friend?

Who is the Princess?

What is happening at Rei and Valdou’s country that requires the chosen Princess?