Monday Review: The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia – Shigeru Miyamoto,Akira Himekawa, Mike Richardson, Nintendo

I got this a while back, and it’s amazing! I just had to get it as I love the Zelda games!

This book is recognizing 25 years of Zelda and talks about all the games up to Skyward Sword, the timeline, characters, designs, temples, Zelda history and even a bonus comic!

I plan on purchasing the LoZ Encyclopedia and the Art & Artifacts books in the future as well.

Monday Review: Kilala Princess (Book One) – Rika Tanaka and Nao Kodaka

I just got this book over the weekend because how could I not?! It’s got Disney, a manga and super cute!

I finished this manga in minutes, I was so captivated! The art is beautiful and the story is amazing!

This is about a school girl named Kilala, who dreams of being a princess, but tends to get in trouble!

While walking with her friend Erica, they spot a locked gate (that becomes important later), when Kilala gets home there is a boy laying in the grass. She assumes he’s under a sleeping spell and kisses him…which of course wakes him up! His name is Rei and is travelling with Valdou to find the chosen Princess in order to save their country.

At Kilala’s school, they choose an annual princess (complete with a ball), and Kilala thinks that is where Rei will find the Princess. When Erica is chosen as the princess, she is kidnapped!

Kilala,Rei and Valdou chase them and wind up at that locked gate! Valdou stays behind as Kilala opens the gate by reciting a prayer of sorts. At the other side of the gate,with Rei following behind, they have been transported to the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!!!

Will Snow White be able to help them?

Can Kilala save her friend?

Who is the Princess?

What is happening at Rei and Valdou’s country that requires the chosen Princess?

Monday Review: The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue – Mackenzi Lee


This starts off in the eighteenth century. Monty Montague is a rich man, who sets off to tour Europe before going to work with his abusive father and become a lord.

He sets off with his best friend Percy (whom Monty has a deep crush for), a tutor, and his sister (who will be dropped off at her new finishing school).

At one of their stops, they go to a party where Monty steals a seemingly bland object. Just days after they leave the party, they are hunted down to retrieve the object but Monty and crew run.

They find out that the object actually belongs to someone else so they head off to return the object instead of continuing their tour, despite still being followed that could lead to their demise.

Will they find who they are looking for or will they be caught?

Will Monty and Percy reveal their feelings?

Will his sister decide to stay with the group or go to her school?

Monday Review: The Hearts We Sold – Emily Lloyd-Jones


This world is full of demons who will grant you one wish in exchange for a body part.

Deirdre, known by Dee, has had a terrible home life, and sets off to a boarding school to escape. Dee finds out her scholarship is expiring and if she can’t come up with the money somehow, she’ll have to leave school.

A very peculiar demon finds her and offers her a deal; her heart for two years. She refuses at first until she comes across group of people who close voids that have been appearing all over. She offers her heart in exchange for money for school, and she becomes one of the Heartless, a void closer.

The demon gives her a knitted heart that takes the place of the heart he takes, if anything happens to it, they will die just as with a regular heart.

Some of other group members contracts are almost up but keep helping the demon (and essentially the world) bring a close to these voids.

Dee also starts to fall in love with one of the group members, James.

Will Dee and James be together?

Can the voids be stopped?

Will Dee get her heart back or will she die before her contract is up?

Can her life ever get better?

Monday Review: The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood


This was an interesting book (and show) about a dystopian future, in which fertile women give birth to Commander’s and their barren wives.

Women can not own money, read, write or other ‘normal’ things, and instead are only valued for their ovaries. If they refuse they are usually sent off to The Colonies, a radioactive area where they must till the land as they slowly decay. Most doctors,priests, homosexuals, other religious peoples are killed.

There are rebels who wish to return to the life as it was before, if Canada (the only safe place free from the new politics) is not an option.

This is about Offred, a handmaid who is living in this new world. She tells her story and often speaks to the reader as if we are right there with her. We are given flashbacks of her past, a time where she was married, had a daughter, hung out with her best friend, had a job and other taboo things.

Will Offred survive this new world and go back to her family?

Will Offred join the resistance?

Monday Review and Bookish Wednesday: Final Fantasy 7,8, and 9 Ultimania Archive

First of all I’d like to apologize for not posting on Monday, things have been a little crazy, and I was trying to finish up a book (review for that will be next week).

I love this book, especially given that it has my favorite of the series in it, Final Fantasy 8 (go remaster!!)

I thought I might share since E3 recently passed, and news of the FF7 remake and FF8 remaster have surfaced!

Inside the book are the artworks by Amano, detailed descriptions of most of the characters and places, initial designs, memorable quotes and other fun things (such as a family tree of sorts showing how these characters are interlinked)!

Are you a Final Fantasy fan too?

Are you a new fan?

Will you be buying FF7, FF8 or both?

What platforms?

Monday Review: Scary Stories Treasury – Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell

I absolutely enjoyed reading these books when I was younger, middle school or late elementary age.

Getting the creeps/shivers are an oddly good feeling for me, nothing wrong with being creeped out every so often, and not tempted to leave your room at night after watching a horror movie 😋.

Growing up with spooky movies, loving the goth/punk culture, and understanding that it’s only a movie or book and it isn’t real (yes, even the ones that were based on true events), because it’s Hollywood or only words, are some of factors in which I love them!

So when I saw the entire trilogy of these books in one, I knew I had to purchase it, mostly for nostalgia’s sake! Also, the live action movie coming out based on these books is exciting!

You get spooky stories, scary ones and even creepy tales!

If you have read these, let me know what your favorites were!

Monday Review: Tales and Poems – Edgar Allan Poe

I decided to include both of these books as one would have more tales than the other or didn’t include one that the other did.

I’ve enjoyed Edgar Allan Poe, for a long time, since I was a child. My favorites include The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell-Tale Heart and a few more.

I also enjoyed some of the movies based upon these tales, especially the ones that included Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee.

As with any debate, you tend to have the lovers of Poe vs. lovers of Lovecraft, and I’m here to say that I enjoy both!

What are some of your favorites by Poe?

Monday Review: Homeworlds (Mass Effect Comics Omnibus Book 1) – Mac Walters, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller


James Vega, Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya,Garrus Vakarian, and Liara T’Soni are the stars in these short stories.

James Vega’s story takes us to when he joined the military and his father disapproves and tries to keep Vega around to help obtain his drugs. He leaves in order to free himself.

Tali’s story begins when she leaves for her pilgrimage, she finds Geth in an odd place, access one of their memory cores, where she hears the recording of Saren and Matriarch Benezia “Eden Prime was a major victory…etc”. She heads to the Citadel in search of answers. Where she’ll meet up with Shepard.

Garrus starts us out learning to shoot with his father on Palaven. His father was tough on him to teach Garrus how to be an adult, and Garrus wanted to be on the lines as C-Sec and his father kept him doing paperwork. We go back to the present as Arch Angel in Omega during the showdown between the three armies. He gets a call to his father and thanks him for everything.

Liara is now the Shadow Broker, looking for more Prothean Artifacts. She runs into problems, which conveniently includes Illusive Man, who wants to strike an unwilling deal which Liara is happy to refuse. She heads to Mars where she learns is where the information she wants is located.

Monday Review: Invasion (Mass Effect Comics Omnibus Book 1) – Mac Walter’s, Omar Francia, John Jackson Miller


We begin in Omega. Reaper enemies have attacked, and Aria T’Loak, the leader of Omega, finds out and attacks back!

Cerberus comes to their aid and when they are done with the first wave of reaper’s, they start butchering the corpses or they become husks too.

The Cerberus General of the ship who helped out, takes Aria to the Omega-4 Relay to disable the signal. A new Wave of Adjutants appear from the station, Aria takes them all out with her biotics, but uses too much of her powers and falls unconscious.

It all a ploy, to restrain Aria, her abilities and keep her hostage, while another Cerberus operative has taken over Omega.

What happens next?

Will Aria return to Omega?

Will Omega fall?

Did Illusive Man have a say in all of this or was it an inside thing?