Monday Review: Where The Sidewalk Ends-Shel Silverstein

The poems of Shel Silverstein are beloved by everyone of all ages!

I remember reading this book and his other works as a child and I’ve been reading them to my children.

Some of my favorite poems in this book are:

Sick: About a girl who gets Sick, but it’s not all what it seems

The Crocodiles Toothache: Everybody gets toothaches

Spaghetti: When you mishear words

Alice: About Alice in Wonderland

I hope you enjoyed this review

Where the Sidewalk Ends – Shel Silverstein

Free-Post Friday: Top 10 Favorite Phone Games

Under each game I will explain why I like them.

Please note, I have an Android, so some of these games may not be available for Apple phones.

(My love for Final Fantasy makes this obvious. You go on adventures with your favorite characters and their respective games and enviroments.)

(The Fallout games are some of my favorite games to play. When they came out with a game to make your own Vault, of course, I had to play!)

(I have always loved ‘dress up’ games for as long as I can remember, this game has that and more! I love the story, the rewards, and other fun goodies it has)

(Along with books,video games and anime, I am also a fan of coloring. This game has lots of cool pictures to choose from and you can even import your own pictures to ‘pixel-fy’!)

(You design your own Wonderland and meet the characters. You go on quests and mini games!)

(I love this game,Disney and emojis are a good combination!)

(I also love hidden pictures games, so that plus Alice in Wonderland is really cool!)

(Augmented Reality Pokemon! It’s really cool to see certain Pokemons in different habitats,and really cool when you can catch the ones you don’t have yet!)

(Disney and matching game! What’s not to love?!)

(I love playing Solitare in my down time! There is many different kinds to choose from, Classic,Spider,Pyramid,Free-Cell,and Tri-peak! Daily challenges await and you get rewards as well)

Monday Review-I Can’t Make This Up-Kevin Hart

I got this book because I like Kevin Hart. Kevin is a hilarious comedian and actor!

This is an autobiography and biography of his life. It’s very well written (and spoken if you grab the Audible version)!

His story is inspirational but sad at times, it’s about learning from his struggles and hardships and growing from them and got him to where he is now. When life got him down, he got right back up again.

All the stories are true…he can’t make them up!

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons – Kevin Hart

Free-post Friday:Top 10 Favorite PC Games

Under each picture I will describe why they are my favorite.


This was one of the first pc games I ever played. My parents and i would play this together! I loved all the games and expansions they came out with for the first game(as shown). The back picture with characters from right to left is Prophecies,Factions,and Nightfall. The small front picture is the Prophecies expansion called Eye of the North.


My husband got me into playing it, not long after we got married. It’s really fun and I’ve met a few of my friends there! I enjoy the crafting you can do, the special events, the guilds, and the character designs!


A friend of mine got it for me and it’s super cool! If you like the final fantasy games,cute/chibi things,good stories and adventures, then this is the game for you!


I played a free weekend once and got hooked! I even got my husband to play too! It’s really fun to level up,play in special events,achieve new skins/outfits for your characters and try to win the matches!


This is another game my husband got me into. If the name sounds familiar then it’s because it used to be a monthly paid game, but now it’s free unless you want special perks. I like testing out new characters,playing new missions and special events!


This was the first Diablo game I ever played! My parents and i would play this a lot! I loved playing my sorceress,exploring new areas,defeating the evil that lurks,and the encounters with Deckard Cain (a very funny and wise character)


This was a cute game, I originally played it on Xbox and it was beautiful,wonderful voice overs,scenery and the story were exceptionally done! Then I played it on PC while waiting (still waiting) for it to be backwards compatible on the Xbox One.


Since I’m mainly a console player, I first played it on the Xbox, then tried it on the PC and I tried using mods on it….wow! So many cool and funny mods!


Simply said, my love for Lord of the Rings and my husband got me into playing it too!


This is another good game my parent’s and I would play together! Lots of quests,adventuring,and fun!

Bookish Wednesday:July Owlcrate 2018 “Strange and Unusual” Theme

This is unboxing for July 2018 Owlcrate. Under each picture is a description about it. I hope you enjoy it and try it out!

(This is what the box looks like)

(An overview of everything that was inside)

(The paper that lists everything inside with a small description)

(A booklet with more in depth description’s and interviews)

(A sneak peek into next month’s theme)

(Monthly pin and a Luna Lovegood sticker)

(The book pick for the month)

(“Miss Peregrine’s” inspired pennant)

(Ouija mints and Stranger things funko keychain (you either got Dustin or Eleven))

(“Raven Boys” inspired wallet)

(Bookish whale art print)

Monday Review:The Ice Dragon- George R.R. Martin

This a really good book for young readers, who enjoy fantasy, it’s only 8 chapters long!

The story takes places in the same Universe as “A Song of Ice and Fire” (Game of Thrones), but child friendly.

It’s about an ice dragon and Adara, a child who was born in winter, and the friendship that blossomed between them, and a war that tried to force them apart.

There is beautiful artwork within the pages as well to help tell the story.

The Ice Dragon – George R. R. Martin

Bookish Wednesday: Library Ideas

I found these photos on Pinterest (credit to original owners,none of these are mine or in my home) for ideas for my home library. Below each photo I will explain what part(s) I like.

I like the idea of straight, built-in,floor to ceiling wall shelving,across more than one wall, that way I’m not hindered by “blockage” and have to arrange by series or genre in order to fit them.

I definitely wouldn’t mind adding some fairy lights to the shelves either, they are very pretty and don’t emit bright lights. They would also make for very pretty photos!

I’ve always wanted a reading nook too! Somewhere comfy to read,that isn’t the bed. There would be a secondary light next to it if I’m reading at night and don’t have the natural light from outside.

Finally, I would love a rolling ladder,like in Beauty and the Beast because I’m short and wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelves.