Monday Review (Late): Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Vol 2 – SquareEnix

Sorry for the post delay! I would have posted yesterday but I’ve been sick with a cold during the holiday weekend!

FF Ultimania Volume 2 includes my all time favorite Final Fantasy (VIII), So you know I just HAD to have it!

The Ultimania is a book consisting of original artwork, designs, storyboards, facts on characters or monsters you may not have known, the world of that Final Fantasy,summons,vehicles, extra content and other awesome stuff!

If you love FF or just want to know more about the games, you shoold definitely pick up one of these volumes and see for yourself why these series are so beloved!

Free Post Friday: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Hype

(Today’s post as well as this coming Monday and Wednesday will be based around this game, just an FYI)

I am sooooo psyched for this game to release! September 3rd can’t come soon enough!

Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite in the FF series, so you can imagine my excitement when they told us at E3 this year that the remaster would be coming later this year. Then at GamesCom they gave us the release date (that would be my birth month too!!), which threw us (the Final Fantasy VIII group on Facebook) ever more over the edge!

This Tuesday will be amazing, I can’t wait to feel the goosebumps all over again! I really love(d) EVERYTHING about this game; the characters, story, music, summons, cards, the detail, dialouge…everything.

See you in the next post!

Free-post Friday- Updates

Hello everyone! I just thought I’d give a little update as I haven’t posted in a while.

I’ve been a little crazy, as my oldest child just started school this week, so I’ve been in a meltdown, he started Kindergarten! So for the last few weeks I’ve been getting stuff together for that plus there was school meetings beforehand.

I haven’t been reading as much because I’m so beat after the crazy day, that I either go to sleep or relax with some video games for a bit. before passing out. I will try to get some reading done during the day as it’s just me and my youngest child at home, now that my oldest is going to school and it’s not as hectic around here.

I’m also trying to get better at giving credit to artists that I post, which as you’ve seen, I usually do… but the one time I forget or use “Credit to artist” as a placeholder until I do find out the artist, somebody gets mad. Which is fine, put me in my place, but be patient and not too mean as 99% of the time I do give credit 💜

I hope to post more for you lovely people soon! Hope everything is well!

Bookish Wednesday: This Or That – Shethespy

Paperback or hardback: Hardback for normal books; easier for me to hold and book lights stay on better too! However, Paperbacks are better for manga,comics and graphic novels.

Meet your favorite author or Meet your favorite character: I would have to say author!

Classics or new releases: new releases! Don’t get me wrong, I love classics but i prefer new releases!

Be a published author or published reviewer: reviewer please!

Fiction or non-fiction: fiction!

Unlimited free books or live inside your favorite book: unlimited free books, for sure!

Favorite book as a film or t.v. series: honestly I enjoy both, but if I HAD to choose…series!

Read in bed or sofa: both, but I prefer sofa; easier to find a comfy spot.

Library or bookstore: bookstore!

Not allowed new books or not allowed to re-read: never re-read, not having new books would kill me!

Monday Review: The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia – Shigeru Miyamoto,Akira Himekawa, Mike Richardson, Nintendo

I got this a while back, and it’s amazing! I just had to get it as I love the Zelda games!

This book is recognizing 25 years of Zelda and talks about all the games up to Skyward Sword, the timeline, characters, designs, temples, Zelda history and even a bonus comic!

I plan on purchasing the LoZ Encyclopedia and the Art & Artifacts books in the future as well.

Free-post Friday- Rutger Hauer Tribute

Rutger Hauer recently passed away, and I thought I’d make a quick tribute here.

I know his work mainly from Blade Runner, but I’ve also seen or heard his voice in Ladyhawke, Sin City, Kingdom Hearts (video game), Observer (video game), Galavant and Batman Begins.

He was a great actor, had some memorable lines, and it’s sad to hear of his passing.

Monday Review: Kilala Princess (Book One) – Rika Tanaka and Nao Kodaka

I just got this book over the weekend because how could I not?! It’s got Disney, a manga and super cute!

I finished this manga in minutes, I was so captivated! The art is beautiful and the story is amazing!

This is about a school girl named Kilala, who dreams of being a princess, but tends to get in trouble!

While walking with her friend Erica, they spot a locked gate (that becomes important later), when Kilala gets home there is a boy laying in the grass. She assumes he’s under a sleeping spell and kisses him…which of course wakes him up! His name is Rei and is travelling with Valdou to find the chosen Princess in order to save their country.

At Kilala’s school, they choose an annual princess (complete with a ball), and Kilala thinks that is where Rei will find the Princess. When Erica is chosen as the princess, she is kidnapped!

Kilala,Rei and Valdou chase them and wind up at that locked gate! Valdou stays behind as Kilala opens the gate by reciting a prayer of sorts. At the other side of the gate,with Rei following behind, they have been transported to the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!!!

Will Snow White be able to help them?

Can Kilala save her friend?

Who is the Princess?

What is happening at Rei and Valdou’s country that requires the chosen Princess?