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Can you stop reading at any time, or does it have to be a certain page or chapter?:

I can stop reading at any point in the book, but I prefer the beginning of a page or the next chapter.

Do you eat or drink anything whilst reading?:

Snacks: No
Drinks: Coffee for sure

Can you read listening to music or watching TV?:

I used to be able to listen to music whilst reading but now I get too distracted, same goes for television.

One book at a time, or several at once?:

Several…It’s a bibliophile problem!

Reading at home or everywhere?:

Anywhere but I much prefer at home where I can get into multiple reading positions with a blanket.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?:

Silently in my head, unless I’m reading to my children, in which case I read out loud.

Do you read ahead, or skip pages?:

It’s rare but it tends to happen sometimes

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?:

I try not to, but a broken spine makes for a better hold on the book.

Do you write books, or just read them?:

I read books currently. I tried to write a book once but then I got hit with major writer’s block and haven’t been able to finish it since.

5 of my favorite books (links to Goodreads):

What is the last book you read?:

Daughter of the Pirate King-Tricia Levenseller

About me

Name: Katalina

Name meaning: Derived from Katherine, which is Hebrew for “pure” or “purity”

Named after anyone: My mom named me after her D&D character (pretty awesome, right?!)

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hair length: mid-back

Eye color: blue

My birthday: September 20th

Height: short

Place of birth: not giving out that information

Currently Living: With my family in our house 😛

Star Sign: virgo

Best feature: my eyes

Braces: no

Piercings: two in each ear

Tattoos: no

Right or Left Handed: righty

Pets: none

Siblings: a brother-in-law

Do you have kids: two kids; a boy and a girl

How many children do you want: I have two children already, I don’t plan on having anymore but if more children are in my future, then I’m fine with that as well.

What would you name your children: My son’s name is Vincent and my daughter’s name is Abigail

Marriage: married almost 3 years now

What did you want to be when you grow up: artist, writer, singer….I guess as a mother I’m kind of every job title, haha!

Career goals: I like being a stay-at-home mom and wife

Hobbies: reading, playing video games, spending time with my family

Five random facts about me:

I’m allergic to everything nuts

I have never broken a bone

I’m a very kind-hearted person

Roses are my favorite flower

I want to travel the world and meet all my friends


Five favorite films:

Beauty and the Beast (1992 Disney version)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Lord of the Rings series (can’t pick just one!)

Blade Runner

Corpse Bride

Five favorite songs:

Once Upon A December-Deana Carter (Anastasia soundtrack)

Any song by t.A.T.u.

Any song by Depeche Mode

Any song by None Like Joshua

Any song by Hania Zdunek

TV shows:

Sailor Moon

Gilmore Girls

Vampire Diaries

The IT Crowd

Nana (anime)



None Like Joshua


Lindsey Stirling

D Piddy





Macaroni and Cheese

Anything my mom makes



Dr. Pepper

Sparkling Water

Hot Cocoa






Unicorn (didn’t specify it couldn’t be fictional)



Olive Garden



Barnes and Noble

Hot Topic








Newborn baby (I’m a mom of two…I’m a bit biased on that)







Music genre:




Any other variation of the above

Rap (None Like Joshua and the like)


Holiday: Halloween

Concert: 35 little ducks in a basket (my dad’s old band)

Best friend: Taylor and Ashley


Feeling: content

Eating: nothing

Watching: the screen

Wearing: tank top and pants

Do you?

Believe in miracles: yes

Believe in love at first sight: yes

Believe in ghosts: no…spirits, yes

Believe in aliens: I believe there could be other life we don’t know about

Believe in soulmates: absolutely

Believe in Heaven/Hell: yes

Believe in kissing on the first date: a kiss on the cheek or hand is appropriate

Believe in yourself: yes


If you won the lottery, what would you buy: Anything for my family and bills first, then if there’s anything left over I’d have a proper library for my/families books and a video gaming room installed in my home

Your favorite/worst subject in High School:
favorite: art
worst: math

Subject you were best at?: English and Art

Sports do you play/Have you played: I did cross country and track in Junior High

Phone – (iOS v Android): Android.

Something you wish you were talented at: making clothes so I could cosplay

First thing you notice about people: If they are kind

On top of your bucket list: travel the world and meet my international friends

3 long term goals:

Be successful in this blog/earn a little money off it

To continue to raise my children as decent human beings in society

To continue to have a long-lasting and loving marriage with my husband

3 short term goals:

To continue putting out content on my blog

To make sure bills get paid

To buy more books of course

What are you doing today to help you achieve those goals:


Teaching my children

Browsing bookstore website

3 things you’d take with you to a desert island:

my family

survival book

Pool float (I can’t swim)

Biggest accomplishment: getting married, having my children, starting this blog

Ideal first date for you: Just your typical restaurant date

Something you look for in a partner: kindness, loyalty, trust and be humorous

Something you dislike: chewing and lies

Special talents: As a mother I can multi-task and do tasks one-handed

Favorite fairytale: The Princess and the Goblin

App you use most: Facebook

Piece of technology can you not live without: Phone

Countries have you visited: None

Countries would you like to visit?: Pretty much all of them

Random final questions

Summer or Winter: Winter

Furthest you’ve ever been from home: Disney World

Sweet or savory: sweet.

Last time you cried: The other week, during a memorial podcast of a streamer who recently passed, TotalBiscuit

Do you use sarcasm a lot: not usually

Scary movie or happy endings: Both!

Are you competitive: No

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Bookish Wednesday: Candles

(Please note that this is NOT a sponsored entry)

Most of my bookish items that I currently have, I got from a monthly book subscription called Owlcrate. Owlcrate gives you a book, not previously released with an exclusive cover at that, along with other exclusive bookish goodies that go with that months theme.

That being said today’s post is two items that I’ve gotten from Owlcrate! These candles are really cool and smell amazing!
The candle on the left is inspired by “The Raven Boys” series (I have not read these books) and the one on the right is inspired by “The Chronicles of Narnia” series (I have read this series)

Monday Review: Ghostgirl-Tonya Hurley (Book One)

Ghostgirl is a really cool book! I remember picking it up at Wal-Mart and really liking the cover, then I flipped it over to read the back and was even more intrigued, given that the back summary was only a few sentences long! So I got it with not much to go on but was very excited to read it. The book reeled me in and I finished it fairly quickly!

Ghostgirl is a five book series, books four and five are written in Spanish, that of which I don’t speak, so I only have the first three. After I read the first book and really liked it, my parents had given me the next two books as a gift (I can’t recall if it was for my birthday or Christmas, just that it was a gift)
Books two and three were also good but I’ll save them for another day.

Each chapter page is pretty cool too, because there are quotes written on them, some being song and poem excerpts, quotes from the characters themselves and other real life poets.

I think it’s a good book for young adults who want to read something that they can kind of relate to as far as feeling invisible and want to know if it gets better (Psst, it does!)

Free-Post Friday:Final Fantasy 8

One of favorite my games to play is Final Fantasy 8!

I remember being in love with it the moment my parents turned the T.V. on and that opening cutscene started!

There’s no one thing in particular that I love about it because it’s everything! The music is phenomenal, the characters are relatable,the battling is engaging and the story is remarkable!

An unpopular opinion I have about it though is that it should not have a remake or remastered version. I think it’s the perfect the way it is, plus not everything needs remastered or remade!

If you have played it, let me know what YOU love about it. If you have not played it, I highly recommend it!

Wall Art

I got this beautiful wall art at Books-A-Million, because it combines two of my favorite things…Disney, my favorite character just happens to be Belle too, and books!
When I get a proper library set up in my house, that probably will never be as big as Belle’s library in her castle, this will sure to be on display!

Constructive Critisism on first Review

It has come to my attention that my reviews should not be a summary of the books. I completely agree!

Writing summaries was not my intention when I came up with the idea for this blog. Unfortunately I was still half asleep when I wrote my review on “You Are Special”! I have learned this is NOT okay,and will refrain from doing so.

The good thing is that this is my first go at this,I learn from my mistakes and grow from that! This blog will only get better and I appreciate the constructive criticism!

Monday Review: You Are Special- Max Lucado

(Please be aware,this is a Christian book made by a Christian author,so this review will have religious aspects to it)

This is a wonderful story for both children and adults.

It teaches that we are all different sizes and shapes, that God made us exactly how he wanted us to be and what others think is less important than what you and God think of yourself.

The books starts by telling us about the wooden people,called Wimmicks,who are all made by the woodcarver named Eli.

All the Wimmicks are different,from being tall to large noses!

Everyday the Wimmecks gave out stickers. Star stickers for the pretty, smooth wood,talented Winmicks. Dot stickers for the rough wood,paint chipped,not so talented Wimmicks.

One of these Wimmicks was called Punchinello. He always got dots,no matter what he did, sometimes for no reason at all!

Punchinello eventually began to feel like he deserved the dots, until he met Lucia. Lucia had no stickers at all! No matter how hard the Wimmicks tried,their stickers would not stick to Lucia.

Punchinello wanted to be stickerless too, so Lucia told him to go see Eli the woodcarver.Eli was overjoyed to see Punchinello visit him! Punchinello apologized for having so many dots strewed about him, but Eli didn’t care what the other Wimmicks thought, he thought Punchinello was very special,because he made him.

Punchinello was surprised at that,he wasn’t talented or smooth paint like the other Wimmicks. Punchinello asked about Lucia and why the stickers never stayed on. Eli explained that because Lucia cares more about what he thinks about her is important than what others think,the stickers fall off.

Punchinello left Eli’s workshop and began to believe that perhaps Eli was right…and a dot fell off!

I think it’s a great book for children,especially when you’re trying to figure out who they are. Kids can be cruel and make fun of others. This teaches them that they are unique and that it shouldn’t matter what others think. You were created by God and God doesn’t make mistakes.