Monday Review: The Rainbow Fish-Marcus Pfister

This story is about a beautiful Rainbow Fish who is quite selfish and doesn’t share and because of that he can’t make friends very well.

Will he get a lesson in selflessness?

Can he learn to share?

Can he right his wrongs and make friends?

I loved this book as a child and I’ve been reading it to my children too and the bright beautiful pages help to grasp their attention!

Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister

Monday Review: The Only Pirate At The Party-Lindsey Stirling

I got this book because I’m a big fan of Lindsey Stirling, the dancing violinist.

This is her memoir filled with inspiration,humor,passion, and persistence.

Her struggles to become the musician she is today, losing her best friend to cancer, and her fight with anorexia are not taken lightly.

Lindsey’s unique personality started when she was just a child and it blossomed on-stage as an adult.

I really loved reading this book as I got to know more about one of my favorite musicians!

Only Pirate At The Party – Lindsey Stirling